Truck / Trailer Mounted Steamer

TMS - Truck / Trailer Mounted Steamer

Thaw Water Main - Demo

The TMS In-Use

The TMS is a fully self-contained thawing machine. Using a high temperature steam boiler, the TMS provides a continuous steam based heat source for many different uses.

The TMS was developed to thaw frozen fire hydrants for the City of Buffalo and has been adapted for many different uses in both municipalities and commercial use.

Multiple TMS Units are in use in cities like Chicago and Buffalo as they combat the cold winters and aging water system. For more information on the TMS Steamer, Click Here.
TMS Units shipped for Chicago
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Who we are
Bohunk Enterprises LLC is owned and operated by Jim Griep in Le Roy, NY. We sell and service steam boilers and other related and non-related equipment.
Contact us
Bohunk Enterprises, LLC

Jim Griep, Owner
Le Roy, NY
Telephone: (585) 820-7474
What we do
Bohunk Enterprises produces and services the TMS Steamer in conjunction with Davis Trailer World to provide a self contained steamer used in heating and thawing a variety of units including Fire Hydrants, culverts and sewer lines.